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fray check Prym Fray Check - Waterproof glue designed for sealing…
€ 6,50
In stock
gutermann HT2 glue Gutermann HT2 glue This is the best fabric glue we have ever…
€ 4,25
Not in stock
schmetz needles Universal needles Feature: Slightly rounded point.Fabric…
€ 2,00
In stock
piecemaker doll needles Doll making needles . They are used for sewing dolls and…
€ 4,00
In stock
elastic small 3 MM card with 3 metre small elastic.
€ 0,95
In stock
tape measure tape measure 1,5 metre.
€ 1,95
In stock
koh-i-noor press studs small koh-i-noor card with press studs small.
€ 1,50
In stock
prym box of glass head pins Prym glass head pins size 30 x 0,60 mm.
€ 2,25
In stock
iron yarn black
€ 0,60
In stock
john james curved needles Sewing needles curved 4 piece card. perfect for ladder…
€ 3,50
In stock