schmetz needles

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Dimensions (l,w,h) 10 x 6 x 0,50 cm

Universal needles

Feature: Slightly rounded point.
Fabric Use: Numerous - wovens and knits. A great general purpose needle. Works with all household sewing machine brands.
Quantity: Five (5) needles per card.

Quilting needles

Feature: Special taper to the slightly rounded point.
Fabric Use: Made especially for piecing and machine quilting. The special tapered design allows easier fabric penetration and helps eliminate skipped stitches.
Quantity: Five (5) needles per card.

Embroidery needles

Feature: Light ball point, wide eye and groove.
Fabric Use: Use with rayon, polyester and other specialty embroidery threads. The special scarf, widened groove and enlarged eye protect fragile threads and guard against excess friction allowing trouble-free embroidery and decorative stitching.
Quantity: Five (5) needles per card.

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